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Practice Areas

Residential Real Estate:

From first time home buyers to investors.  Purchases, sales, refinances, investments, rentals, flips and foreclosures.  All aspects of Residential Real Estate are covered.  From a simple refinance to matters that get elevated to the Massachusetts Land Court. We can cover it all.


Commercial Real Estate:

Looking for an investment property? Commercial Space? Converting a multi-family home into Condominium Units? Our team can help get your business off the ground.



Doing work on your home or business and need Zoning relief? From special permits to variances, my ten years of experience as a member of my town’s Zoning Board of Appeals will help get you the approvals you need.


For Realtors:

Are you looking for a professional and responsive attorney with whom you can trust your sale or purchase?  Look no further.  As seasoned veteran of real estate conveyance work, I provide my cell phone and work when the business comes in.  I work one-on-one with the clients and my personalized process takes out the guess work and stress of the process. By building trust and working as a team we can ensure the best service and customer satisfaction for our clients.  I offer boutique legal services with big firm support and while I have a fantastic support staff; neither you nor your clients will be delegated to a paralegal and forgotten. I will continue to be the primary contact point throughout the purchase or sale.  I am proud of my friendly and effective manner but have a reputation to fight hard for my clients when needed.

This is not a transaction.  This is a key financial and emotional decision that I treat with the greatest of care. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you and your buyers and sellers – thank you for your consideration.

For Lenders and Loan Officers

Are you looking for an attorney who wants to help you shine at the closing table?  Are you looking for an attorney that will help with networking and referral growth?  I personally close 95% of all refinances and purchases.  Your closing is not just an impersonal transaction.  It should not be delegated to some notary or third party who does not value the importance of the purchase or refinance.  My closings are on-time and professional and help you generate more referrals.  My firm, Crowley and Cummings LLC, is an industry leader with a great team to support your processors and closers. I am always networking and looking to connect people with my referral partners.  

I welcome the opportunity to work with you and create an environment of shared success with referrals partners.

The Buying Process

Real estate purchases are complex by design. Each transaction has its unique characteristics and there are laws and guidelines around them to protect you as the buyer.

Your real estate attorney’s role involves a number of critical tasks to ensure the process moves quickly and efficiently, while keeping your best interests in mind and informing you of your rights and obligations associated with the purchase.

In a typical transaction, your attorney will facilitate the following items:

• Review and help you fully understand the Purchase and Sale Agreement
• When applicable, review condominium and budget documents
• Complete a title search to check for liens, easements or other issues that could disrupt, delay or prevent the transaction from closing
• Prepare, review and record all legal documents
• Review the terms of the promissory note, mortgage and all other lender documents
• Review each line item requiring your signature
• Attend the closing to ensure all paperwork is complete
• Facilitate title insurance protection
• Provide legal advice in the event of a conflict or dispute with the seller

In most instances, it is in the buyer’s interests to have attorney Michael Robbins of Crowley & Cummings perform the loan closing or act as escrow agent in the case of a cash buyer.

At Crowley & Cummings, we believe in making your home buying transaction simple and easy. Our experienced attorneys are exceptional at minimizing the stress associated with your new home purchase by deftly handling issues related to title searches, documentation and insurance.

The Selling Process

An organized, diligent seller’s attorney can identify discrepancies and omissions in documents that could impede the sale of your home. Errors in dates and missing signatures are small issues that can lead to long delays.

Our trusted real estate attorneys help you get your house sold by offering the following services:

• Negotiate the terms and create the draft of the Purchase and Sale agreement
• Prepare the deed and other required documents
• Review and clear issues related to the title search
• Provide power of attorney so the seller does not have to attend the closing
• Ensure the real estate agent has facilitated smoke detector inspection as well as the final readings of water, sewer and oil meters
• Attend the closing, including under Power of Attorney, and represent the seller

A home sale involves a number of variables that rely on the timing of the closing. Your new home may require a moving company, painters, contractors and various deliveries. Canceling or postponing them will surely incur unwanted expenses. At Crowley & Cummings, attorney Michael Robbins will make sure your home sale closes and your life stays on schedule.

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